Faial island

Casas do Capelo is located in Capelo parish (Faial island). Is located in the most extreme western point of the Central Group of the archipelago of the Azores. Shaped like an irregular pentagon and with a surface of 173.42 sq km (67 sq miles), Faial is 21 km long and 14 km wide. Dominated by the volcanic crater of Caldeira, with its gentle hillsides interrupted by secondary volcanic formations, the island’s highest peak is Cabeço Gordo, with 1043 metres of altitude. It has around 15 063 inhabitants, divided into 13 villages.


Nowadays, the village of Capelo occupies a total surface of 25,93 sq km, divided into the places of Canto, Capelo, Areeiro, Ribeira do Cabo, Varadouro and Norte Pequeno. It is one of the most important touristic sites in Faial, where one can admire the effects of the eruption of 1957/58, during which the volcanic ashes covered the houses and fields that fit into its natural landscape.

Places to visit

- Varadouro Natural Pools – 1,5 Km

- Forestal Park – 1,5 Km

- Handcraft Center – 1,5 Km

- Walking Trails (Pico Verde, Furna Ruim, Cabeço do Canto) – 2 Km

- Capelinhos Volcano – 7 Km

- Porto Comprido's pools - 7 Km

- Fajã beach  (located in Praia do Norte) – 7 Km

- Caldeira (located in the center of the island) – 10 Km

- Monte da Guia (Horta city) – 18 Km

- Marina da Horta (Horta city) – 18 Km

- Horta Museum (Cidade da Horta) – 18 Km

- Whale factory, museum (Horta city) – 18 Km

- Botanic garden (Flamengos parish) – 22 Km

- Praia do Almoxarife, beach – 25 Km